What is Organic Traffic?

The term “organic traffic” is used for referring to the visitors that land on your website as a result of unpaid search results.  Visitors who are considered organic find your website after using a search engine like Google.

The easiest way to increase the organic traffic of your website is to publish quality and relevant content on your blog regularly.  The branch of online marketing that focuses directly on improving organic traffic is called SEO – search engine optimization.

Organic traffic is obtained from the appearance of the site in the results of a search that users perform in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Organic traffic is free traffic, this aspect being what makes it the type of traffic that website owners want the most.

Why is organic traffic important?
Organic traffic is important because it helps the site to function correctly and can increase the popularity of the site. If you sell different things on that site, organic traffic helps you to produce more sales.

Where do you see organic traffic in Google Analytics?

Goolge Analytics is an application offered for free by Google that monitors all the activity on a web page, a website analytics tool. Usually, most site owners use this tool to see the overall site traffic, the average time spent by visitors to the site, the number of pages visited, the traffic sources (direct, organic, referrals, paid traffic), plus the keywords that generated the organic traffic.

So how do you check the organic traffic?

Go to Acquisition → Overview

The overview shows you all the sources like Organic, Paid, Social, Display, Referral, and E-Mail.

If you click on “Organic” you will the keywords that bring you traffic, but they are not that useful if you have low data (I always recommend to use Google Search Console for that or a Keyword rank tracker).

How to increase organic traffic?

We all want more organic traffic on the sites we manage.

Whether we talk about online stores, service presentation sites, or publishing sites, in each of these cases, a higher volume of relevant traffic is reflected in the increase in the number of orders, turnover, or revenue from advertising.

Keep SEO in mind!

The main advantage of SEO is that it offers permanent results. Instead of channeling your efforts on adverts spread all over the internet, you better set up your site for search engine robots that roam your web pages.

An essential thing to look for is the choice of keywords, selecting them by the keyword search volume.

They help you grow organically in search engines, as long as you maintain a balance between high-search words and low-competition words.

Create a blog for your site or online store

If your online store does not have an active blog, you must create a blog for your site.

Blogging is a very effective way to attract the audience and generate more traffic and, therefore, more sales for your business. Why? Because it helps SEO.

By linking your blog and online store, Google will perceive you as relevant to your niche and give you a better place on search results.

A quality blog article tells stories that attract visitors and turn them into consumers while increasing the chances of engagement.

Be active on Social Media!

It is said that if you are not present on social media, you do not exist.

For your business, quality content on the site, and the blog is important, but you will also need mentions on other websites (backlinks) and on social media.

Publishing your blog post on social media will send Google social signals that can help in getting better rankings.

Don’t neglect the design!

The first impact and all the experience that the user has on the site matters on how your website converts.

Often, the high bounce rate is due to an unfriendly web interface. In other words, if we get to a site and can’t find the navigation menu, and are attacked by an avalanche of pop-ups, we will most likely not have the patience to look for what we need.

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