Understand the term ”backlink”

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If you have heard about SEO, I’m pretty sure that you have heard about backlinks too, am I right?

I will take a very simple example:

I think we all have used Facebook once,
and on Facebook you took a photo, in that photo was your new friend too, but you didn’t tag him 😭.

So how did people get to know your new friend if they don’t know his name?

How to find him?


——– In SEO
How to get more information about ”XY”?

Same goes for a backlink if your partner, PR articles, news, blogs, etc are writing about you or your services and not linking to your website, it counts as they don’t know you at all, because the users that read it will not get more details.

And more and more backlinks means more and more people telling Google that you deserve to get ranked.

Is it a bit clearer now? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S is not the same as getting tagged 100 times by a fake account on Facebook as getting tagged by 3 good friends or partners.

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